The Ragamuffin Underground

TRU_logo large croppedDuring the years leading up to the Civil War, the underground railroad provided places of safety and escape for those trapped in slavery. The Underground Railroad consisted of meeting points, secret routes, transportation, and safe houses, and personal assistance provided by abolitionist (freedom committed people) sympathizers. Participants generally organized in small, independent groups; this helped to maintain secrecy because individuals knew some connecting “stations” along the route but knew few details of their immediate area. It seems to me that we are in need of a “new” underground way of escape for those trapped in legalism, perfectionism, and other forms of slavery that trap them in a new form of slavery that enslaves them to a “form” of Christianity that isn’t real life at all. We need a Ragamuffin Underground… TRU groups that provide a safe place for those seeking freedom to gather and as a community of people provide a way of escape… a place of safety, provisions for the journey, and encouragement to continue the journey.


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  1. Sue Bowles says:

    LOVE that I stumbled upon you! Have you heard of Walking Stick Retreats? We are a community of ragamuffins from across the country. It started to continue the conversation about the love of God as portrayed in the 2014 Color Green Films movie Ragamuffin (based on the life of Rich Mullins). Rich’s brother David and dear friends from his Zion Ministry days (Sam Howard, Beth Lutz, Kathy Sprinkle and others) form the leadership team. The 2016 retreat will be Oct. 14-16 in Mill Run, PA. There is still time to register. Go to for more information.

    My life has been profoundly touched by God through the environment of the retreats.

    Color Green Films and Ministries is also hosting their first Ragamuffin Camp Oct. 4-8. More information on that is available at

    Color Green and Walking Stick Retreats are separate organizations but all know each other, support what the other is doing, and all just want to share the love of Jesus with a bunch of ragamuffins. Color Green made the movie Ragamuffin in conjunction with the Mullins family and friends and many of the Walking Stick retreat leaders were either in or portrayed in the movie.

    I write much about what God has done in my life the last 2 years through the retreats on my blog

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