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CCU Silent Retreat Information

The CCU Silent retreats are a unique experience for CCU students.  It is open to all CCU students, and CCU has generously provided a scholarship for 6 students to attend the retreat.  What this means is that students will pay $190 for the four-day, three night retreat.  Dr. Ray Mitsch leads these retreats, and serves as spiritual director for the group of students who attend.

The group leaves CCU on a Thursday evening, and returns to CCU after lunch on Sunday.  Transportation is provided for the group.

All linens, meals, and private rooms are included for each of the retreatants.

Each evening of the retreat, the group gathers to debrief their observations and insights they have had during their time of solitude and silence each day.

The Spring 2017 dates are: April 6-9th.  

Total cost for the retreat is $290 which includes room/board, linens.

For CCU students the total cost is $190 for the first 9 students due to the scholarship provided by CCU.  If a deposit of $50 is made by March 24, the balance of $140 is due by April 3rd.  Please give Dr. Mitsch your $50 deposit to secure a spot for our spring retreat (cash or check made out to Dr. Ray Mitsch).  

For those attending the retreat who are NOT CCU students, once the deposit is made of $50 to secure your spot in the retreat, then $240 will be due by March 24th.

You will be notified by March 31st if you will be part of the retreat for this Spring 2017.  Guarantee of participation cannot be made.  Participation is on a first come-first served basis.  

Watch Sacred Heart’s Video Tour of the Retreat House

Frequently Asked Questions about Silent Retreats

Please use the form below to sign up now for the next retreat and submit your deposit to Dr. Mitsch (if you have any other questions or needs for the retreat (e.g., dietary restrictions may or may not be able to be accommodated)) please use the comments box included in the form:

Simply give Dr. Mitsch your $50 deposit in the form of cash or check.

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