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Excellent Book for the Grieving Process
This book greatly helped me through the grieving process when my mom passed away. The book contains short devotions that cover all aspects of grieving and provides helpful advice in the process of grieving. You can pick up the book and start reading anywhere. You don’t have to read it in order. This book covers aspects of grieving that you don’t even know you are experiencing and provides wise counsel in going through the grieving process. The authors are excellent in their approach and counsel. I have given several copies to others and each person has said it was a tremendous help to them. Highly recommend!

Glenda Stewart
Elk Grove, CA

I received this gift after a death in my family. Since that time I have always given it. Without a doubt it is the most helpful book to help someone get over the grieving process. Down to earth, easy to read, helps you understand what you are going through is normal. Great book I would recommend. ~ Dari

Very practical help in times of loss.
This book is the most helpful book I have read on dealing with personal loss. The daily readings are short but impactful. The insights are practical, but not overwhelming, making it an easy read for those already dealing with a difficult situation. I have given one to each friend dealing with loss.

Helpful meditations
I bought this book for my cousin who lost her Dad and was going through a very difficult time. I read it through before sending it just to be sure. It provides helpful meditations with inspirational quotes.

I was expecting the book to provide more specific suggestions on what to do to cope with the various stages of grief but overall I would say it is useful.

I was blessed with a copy of this book from a friend just after I lost my husband to progressive Multiple Sclerosis in April, 2009. I can’t say enough about how wonderfully written this book is for someone who is deeply hurting after losing a loved one. Since that time, I have passed along several copies to new widows and even to one widower. Many have told me how helpful this book has been and how much they appreciated it. You don’t have to read the entire book but rather search for a specific chapter title which “speaks” to you and then read it. An excellent & tenderly written book for any person who is suffering the devastating lost of a loved one. It truly makes a lovely and thoughtful gift, too.

A copy was given to me when my 15-year-old daughter was killed in a car crash with two other friends. With God’s help, the Holy Spirit’s strength and the insight from the author’s of Grieving the Loss of Someone You love, I was able to get through the grieving process. I have since then given countless copies to others going through the same hurt.

This book is great!! The author understands that grieving for a friend is important and the death of a friend is just as devastating as a family member. I recommend it to all those that are grieving whatever loss they are coping with, especially if it is a friend.

This daily devotional is great when going through the grieving process. I have bought this book many times for friends and family that have lost someone dear. I have read it many times myself. I highly recommend it to anyone going through the grief of losing someone!

After the loss of my husband my most difficult times have been in the mornings, when we would have coffee and prayer together to start out our days. This book offers me a slight change in my routine that is very welcome, and I am finding that reading a devotional each morning is helping me start my days on a much more uplifting note. I highly recommend this helpful little book to anyone who is also trying to navigate a new direction in life without the one who was so significant and loved by us.

This is the only book that made sense after my husband died 17 years ago. I’ve given away many copies and recommended it to more people than I can count.

This book addresses the many stages of grief you experience. I highly recommend it to anyone going through the grief process.

This is the perfect book to encourage and lift up someone who has lost a loved one. I don’t know of anyone who has read it and didn’t love it.

This is the best resource for anyone that has experienced the loss of someone they love. You can read the whole thing, or just go to a topic that you need help with. It helps the reader to deal with what they are going through and prepare the reader for what might be ahead. I have bought at least 15 copies of this book and give it away to anyone that has experienced a loss.

For the grieving person with limited ability to concentrate, the 2 to 3 page chapters are perfect. This book is written so well and truly validates the complex emotions and issues of grief, yet graciously reminds us of God’s love and care through the long and ‘rollercoaster’ journey of grief. I underlined portions throughout the book. Highly recommended for anyone coping with grief.

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