The Enemy, the strategy, and a Tin Man

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  1. Dan Driscoll says:

    Dr. Mitsch,
    This seems to be the “core”of our problem, doesn’t it? The neglect of the heart can begin through no fault of our own as a young infant or child. And in turn, our response is to continue to ignore the cries of our own hearts as it begs for the attention it needs… our striving dampens its ever persistent cry. Soon time begins to become our enemy, as the hushed and already weakened member becomes more an more disconnected from who we are; now empty shells of who we thought we would become.Then tragedy erupts, maybe once, twice, a third time…striking at the very place that is already silenced, damaged and shriveled…then with seemingly nothing left, we retreat to the empty place our heart once resided. What happens next?

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