Day two – Eyes Wide Open

Once detoxification begins to take hold, what tends to happen? The answer to this question is the greatest testimony to the power of silence. Once we begin to make progress on detoxifying from the effects of the noise in our lives, the fascinating thing that happens is that we actually begin to listen. We listen not only to God, but to the world around us and the world within us. We had stories of noticing the wildlife that inhabit the grounds of this retreat house, and a developing sense of God’s presence in the world in which we live. Everything begins to be seen as a gift where before it was scarcely noticed. Once the pandemonium is tamed within, we can finally begin to pay attention to the evidence of God that “saturates” our world. We begin to grasp the immensity of the statement that “all is grace,” “all is a gift.” The other thing that has happened is a couple of our retreatants gave themselves permission to just rest, and found that the Holy Spirit moved even more powerfully in spite of the fact that they were convinced that they were doing “nothing.” We ended the evening with a powerful time of prayer and tears on behalf of the wonder of God’s grace, and the power of His Spirit to “work wonders” in our hearts.

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