Wow! Here we are again at another silent retreat, and I’m already a day behind in sharing observations from the retreatants who are here with me. Our usual schedule at these retreats are when we arrive, we take some time to get the logistics out of the way like meal times, and how do you say “hi” to someone silently? Or, what happens if you slip up and speak in a normal tone of voice? After we get that stuff out of the way, we move on to fears and expectations that the participants have. What I heard this year was… “being able to see God’s glory.” Or, “I just want to fall more deeply in love with Jesus”. Or, “I really don’t know what to expect since I’ve never done this before.” And, that is always true for every one of my students since pulling themselves away for a time of silence and solitude in this noise saturated world is not an easy thing to do. They are to be commended for taking the bold step to intentionally allow something like this to happen. Something I always mention to them is that it takes a good 24 hours for them to “detoxify” from the sounds, and fury and noise of their worlds. It’s not an easy thing, and often we revert back to attempting to even structure the silence because we’re afraid of what we will find in our own hearts. They were quick to identify that, and were slowly coming around to accepting that this is a time to learn how to “be” in God’s presence instead of making ourselves busy doing something FOR God’s presence. And we wonder why we can’t sense Him or hear Him! More to come!

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  1. Paul Williams says:

    Good morning, Raybe,
    It’s early Sunday morning here. I just read your blog re you veiled retreat. I found it very interesting as to really didn’t have a handle on how a silent retreat unfolded. I agree we need at times to shut out the noise of our world when trying to have fellowship with God. I know I certainly need to do that. In a recent issue of CT there was an article advocating reading scripture just before going to sleep at bedtime. That means one’s mind is then filled w wholesomeness as we sleep.

    I need to read your second blog and then get ready for church. Good work, my friend.

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